70th Anniversary Tea 31 August 2019

Reading St Andrew’s SDS was formed in September 1949 and so we thought we should celebrate the club being 70 years old. As we had previously organised successful reunions of former members on 10 August 2013 and 10 June 2017, as a first event for our 70th year we planned another reunion on 31 August 2019.

Some 40 former and 20 current members attended, to be welcomed with a cup of tea and biscuits and a few words from the chairman, Gill Coulson. After much chatting and catching up there was some dancing for those willing and able. Duncan Barnet guided us through EH3 7AF, The Ladies of Dunse, Miss Gibson’s Strathspey, The Machine without Horses and Cramond Bridge.

Then it was time for a finger buffet – there was a wonderful spread with sandwiches and cakes provided by members of the committee, ably led and coordinated by Avril Bird. There was a “birthday” iced fruitcake, baked by Rita Cane, which was ceremonially cut by Mary Nance, the former member of longest standing.

Once all were replete it was time for goodbyes and to tidy up. It had been a good afternoon and the committee received a number of notes of thanks in the days following.