Useful links

Here are some links to useful websites:

The MiniCrib website lets you download an addin for Word that allows you to make up cribs for a large number of dances: You can subscribe to receive notification of updates which will contain additions and corrections to the available cribs.

The Scottish Dance Dictionary has a links to a large array of videos of dances:  There are some really good ones as well as some of dubious quality!

The Lower Hutt Scottish Country Dance Club has some useful videos illustrating figures:

Lower Hutt YouTube page

The RSCDS Berkshire/Hampshire/Surrey Border Branch provides links to local clubs: 

The RSCDS London Branch has a diary of events in South East England: 

The RSCDS Dundee Branch maintains a diary of events in Scotland:

The RSCDS Oxfordshire Branch are near neighbours:

This website has a Dance Diary that lists forthcoming Scottish Country Dance
events in the area which includes Birmingham and Coventry to
the north; Bristol and Bath to the south; Oxford and Abingdon
to the east; Hereford and Ross to the west:

If you are interested in the MacNab dances follow this link: