The new season is under way.

The 2019/20 season started in the first week of September. Members should have been emailed a copy of the new membership card. Paper copies are available at classes. Here is a link to an electronic copy:

The first event of the season will be the Afternoon Tea Dance on Sunday 10 November at Thameside School. Here is a crib of the dances:

Tickets will be on sale shortly.

Steve is giving advance notice of his planned programmes for Wednesdays. See the Wednesday class page for links to his programme and the spreadsheet that shows which dances have been done:

RSCDS – New book for 2019

This year, rather than publishing a book of new dances, the RSCDS is publishing a book called 30 Popular Dances and accompanying CDs. This new book will include a mixture of traditional and non-traditional dances, all selected by branches for popularity in their area.

The book and CDs will be available at the RSCDS Annual Gathering (AGM) in November. Prices are not known at this point but expect the book to be £12-15 and the CDs £15-20.

The club wil be coordinating orders through the BHS Border Branch. Please contact Duncan Barnet through the club email or at classes in September.