Good News!

We are pleased to tell you that we will be running Wednesday evening dancing sessions, from 28 July until 25 August.

These will be easy sessions where we can start to warm up our feet (not to mention our brains!) ready for resuming classes at St Andrew’s, which we hope will happen in September.  Steve Kelly and Anne Carter will be taking the sessions.

The venue for 28 July – Anne Carter – and 4th August – Steve Kelly -will be Shiplake Memorial Hall, from 8 p.m. to 9.30/9.45 p.m.  The postcode is RG9 4DW and there is plenty of parking.  The attached link includes a link to a map

We are still waiting to find out from various halls about the remaining sessions in August, and will let you know as soon as possible.

£5 per evening and bring your own refreshments. Windows and doors will be open to maximise ventilation and hand gel will be provided.

We will be dancing in normal sets. If people would feel more comfortable, we might not take hands for the first couple of sessions, and then get a consensus as to how people feel about this for future sessions.

It is assumed that everyone attending has been double vaccinated but you will need to weigh up the risk factors for yourself, and take personal responsibility for attending. Of course, please do not attend if you are feeling unwell, have any of the Covid-19 symptoms, have tested positive for Covid-19 or are awaiting the results of a PCR test.


with music from IAN and JUDITH MUIR
Sunday 22 August from 3pm to 6.30pm
at Swallowfield Parish Hall,
Swallowfield Street,
Reading  RG7 1QX.
Tickets:  £10
Note that the hall has a sprung floor!

Here is a crib:

Or follow this link where you will get a listing with links to cribs, diagrams, and videos (of varying quality!) of the dances. 

To reserve tickets contact the club email or Duncan Barnet on 0118 956 9289